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April 29, 2018


Punishment Ideas

by Sub

2nd of the lists, again forgive grammar please.

  • Miss ties a rope round subs balls and i must kneel near by or follow her. Tugs as she pleases
  • Spank or whip him. (wooden spoon, hair brush, belt, ruler, ping pong paddle, riding crop, switch, cat-o-nine tails…)
  • Tie sub in an uncomfortable position.
  • Tie sub ankles together and attach his balls to them.
  • Hog tied. (wrists and ankles tied together)
  • Hanging from the ceiling by subs wrists.
  • In a chair with subs knees pulled up to his shoulders – good for spanking and everything is exposed and vulnerable.
  • Tie up subs balls and cock with a long leather thong, clothes line, or boot lace. Use a long piece and wrap the base and balls repeatedly. Do each ball separately. Tie tight loops around his shaft from base to tip then tie the end back between his legs and up to a belt or to his handcuffs.
  • Attach clothes pins or nipple clips to subs nipples, balls, cock or wherever.
  • Enema.
  • Double up on subs domestic chores, make them more difficult: tie his hands; make him use a toothbrush to clean the toilet, tie his ankles with a short chain and make him wear extra high heels.
  • Deny sub orgasms for a long period of time.
  • Put Ben-gay or icy-hot on subs penis and nipples.
  • Drip candle wax on sub, chest, balls, cock, ass.
  • If you have a remote vibrator or plug, coat that with Icy Hot and stick that in subs ass, use the wireless remote to turn it on and off. Put him in a tight thong under his clothes and go with him to dinner and then to cinema.
  • Have sub wear a chastity device and go to his local gym for training and have him take a shower afterwards. Make sure other people are in shower.
  • Sub must sit down to pee at all toilets. No more splashing! You will post a sign above the toilets in our house that reads: “Males are expected to sit down to keep from splashing on the seat.”
  • Sub will be smooth and hair free below the neck.
  • Sub will submit to spankings and other punishments whenever Miss says you have earned them.
  • Do not wear underwear and socks
  • Freeze a lot of your cum before chastity. Eat daily during sentence
  • Wear butt plug for an entire day
  • Increase butt plug size your ass can handle by 2 sizes
  • Go to a gym with communal showers and take a shower with chastity cage on when other men are present
  • Take 20 naked pictures wearing the chastity cage in different exposing positions and send it to Miss
  • Take a picture kneeling and naked wearing the chastity cage in a locker room/changing room in a gym
  • Sub is not entitled to have your neutered status kept secret. If she wants to show off your condition, she can. Her friends will probably find it amusing too.
  • Miss reserve the right to tell your close friends about your arrangement and his device.
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  1. May 6 2018

    a lot of ideas…days of punishment ahead!

    Liked by 1 person


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