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April 29, 2018


Humiliation Ideas

by Sub

This is the first of three blog posts which I plan to expand over time, you’ll see the theme. Its something I’ve long tried to get a collated list of things to suggest etc. mixing it up with various bits I’m ever very turned on by or excited or scared. Kind of a kinky bucketlist if you will.

  • Dress in full women’s clothing for all activities
  • Have all male underwear taken and locked in a box. Sub must wear female underwear of Miss’ choice, Miss’ could even make him wear your underwear from the day before.
  • Humiliate sub in public…take him shopping for panties/lingerie and make him ask size questions
  • Make sub eat his own cum
  • Make sub do exercises (jumping jacks, leg spreads, squats, aerobics, yoga…) naked, plugged
  • Make your sub orgasm and shoot his cum onto your strap on.  Spread it around, use it as lube, and fuck his ass hard
  • Make your sub orgasm and shoot his cum onto Miss’ strap on.  Spread it around, and then make sub deep throat it, and suck and lick it all up until the strap on is clean
  • Make your sub cum into an ice cube tray several times, until he has enough to make a cum cube.  When he is disobedient, make him suck on the cum cube until it is gone
  • Make a home date day, and dress your sub up in makeup, stockings, and heels, and make him your maid for the day
  • Get a suction cup dildo and mount on hard floor, bend sub over and fuck him in the ass while you push his head up and down on the cock.  Make him your cock whore
  • Face fuck sub with your strap on, by holding on to his ears, and plowing into him with force so that you are causing him to gag
  • Invite a girlfriend over for a night of torment to show your friend how you train your sub
  • Make sub wear Your panties or lingerie, dress him up as a little girl or a French maid.
  • Make subdo housework naked or dressed in women’s clothes, maybe with sub being plugged or with nipple clamps. A bell around your cock and balls.
  • Make sub hand wash Your panties and lingerie.
  • Make sub polish Your shoes with his tongue.
  • Make sub wear a collar and lead him around with a leash, like a dog.
  • Make sub walk around gym locker room nude
  • Attach a leash to subs balls or cock ring, and lead him around with that. Tie it off in front of the sink while he does the dishes.
  • Make your sub cum onto your asshole, and then lick it all up
  • Ride sub around as Your pony boy…spurs? a riding crop?
  • Dress sub up like the slut that he is, wear a strap-on dildo and make him beg to suck it. fuck him. (don’t forget the fuck-me red lipstick!)
  • Make sub wear Your panties or lingerie under his regular clothes when he goes out or goes to work so that he will think of his Mistress constantly.
  • Body writing is always a fun way to humiliate sub, pick 10 degrading words/phrases and them wherever you wish on his body in pen or lipstick.
  • Make sub masturbate for You, make him beg for permission to cum, don’t let him, punish him if he does.
  • Make him earn his rewards; for example:Allow him to kiss Your ass after the dishes are done.

    1 minute of pleasure for him for 10 minutes of Yours. 5 minutes of pleasure for him after he makes You cum 5 times. Spank him 10 times for each minute it takes him to make You cum.


    If You think he’s earned an orgasm, make him cum on Your feet or Your ass and then make him lick You clean.

  • Order sub to bring himself to the edge of orgasm and stay there until You give him permission. When You give the command he must cum within 5 seconds or he will be punished and/or not allowed to cum at all. (keep him that way for 30 minutes, an hour…or as long as You want)
  • If subs really horny and bothering You, You may want to curb his interest by ordering him to jerk off 5 or 6 times in a row. Use it as skin conditioner… 3 times on each foot, have him spread it around and lick them clean after each time.
  • Always make sub lick You clean after sex.
  • When You go out, order him to tie himself up, be naked or dressed up as a girl and be kneeling at the door for when You arrive.
  • Lock a padlock on his balls.
  • Give sub a golden shower.
  • Make sub think of a new way for You to humiliate him. Punish him if You don’t think it’s good enough. Make him post it to the net (and send it to me to add to the list)
  • Have sub lick You clean after you pee. 


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  1. Apr 13 2019

    Hi Me:
    This is a good list to start at. I don’t know if you will ever complete them but you have to have a dream.
    My husband has done many of these things, we have been at this for a while now, we are set in our routines.
    Its kind of funny, most men will agree to do anything on this list, that is, when they are fully excited and need to cum. But when they do cum they change their mind instantly.
    My advise, do not let them cum until they can prove they can do any of these tasks while not horny.


    • Apr 14 2019

      First I thank you for you comment, I do agree that men can very suddenly have a change of heart after cumming. It doesn’t tend to affect me like that “most” of the time but have had occasions where suddenly the submissive feeling disappear.
      Humiliation isn’t something we’ve explored much to date but something I am excited to explore much further.

      Liked by 1 person


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