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Finding out a bit about me

I was struggling for a new blog post idea, we’re really happy atm and have been doing bits and pieces of kink but nothing really to report majorly. So rather than just go silent all over again I thought I’d find a “kinky questionnaire” kinda thing and let everyone find out a little more about me.

1. What fetishes do you have? In the strickest terms I wouldn’t say I have any “fetishes”, I can still get off in a vanilla sense. However I do love to be teased, denied, humiliated, dressed up and controlled, I’m basically 0 – 60 in a second flat if you get those things involved.

2. What is your favorite fetish?  I think I’d have to say my favourite of the above is being controlled easily, to be told what to do and punished for not complying or doing the job to Miss’ required level.

3. Have you indulged in all your fetishes? All those listed above yes to varying degrees.

4. What fetishes are you yet to experience?  I think theres a lot I’ve not that I’m definitely interested and others that I’m not necessarily however would oblige if Miss’ wanted. Of things I’m interested in I think I would like more punishment and humiliation. They’re both things that really do get me going and drop me into sub space in seconds.

5. Are there any fetishes you don’t have yet, but may be interested in? Cum play is something that does really interest me. Making me eat my own, having it on my face, making me fuck a dildo I’ve cum on, all intrigue me a lot.

6. Have you experienced BDSM? Do you practice it? Yes and yes

7. Are you a top/dominant a bottom/submissive or a switch? Definitely submissive 100%, I can in some instances have a dominant side but its not something that comes completely naturally.

8. What is it about BDSM that you like? I love the loss of control to my actions,  having someone have power over me to use me for their needs, amusement, wants or just generally because they want to use me.

9. Have you experienced being tied up or restrained?  Yes, and I adore it. Depending on the position it can be tricky to stay that way but constant communication is key.

10. Do you enjoy long, extended teasing/edging sessions? Yes we’ve recently been doing a lot more in terms of chastity (and expect pictures in a future post) and Miss definitely has a good handle on teasing *blush*

12. What is the longest you’ve been teased/edged? After a term in chastity Miss had me edge whilst she played with herself with the wand. After a lot of edges (think it was about 11), Miss allowed me to fuck her during which I believe she would have allowed me to cum had I been able (I wasn’t!).

13. Do you enjoy tease and denial? Very very much

14. Do you like to be denied? I love when Miss denies me, although at times it can be frustrating it keeps me in a state of wanting to please her in any way.

15. Do you have a panty fetish? Much much much so, I have been wearing panties 24/7 for some time now, and love thongs and gstrings most.

16. Have you ever purchased panties from a woman online? Never

17. Have you ever used panties to masturbate? (Stuffing/Wrapping/Etc.) No although I do sometimes wish Miss would gag me with her wet panties, or place them over my face.

18. Do you have a hosiery fetish? I do enjoy wearing stockings

19. Do you like pain? Wouldn’t say like, however when given punishment by Miss it does send me to sub space as the show of control is more than enough.

20. Do you like spanking/being spanked? Yes, I do sometimes request a spanking but it is something I wish Miss would administer more at her whim.

21. What do you prefer to use to spank? (Paddles/Hands/Whips/Etc) Paddles

22. Do you like to hit or be hit? How hard? To be hit, although I do also spank Miss sometimes (she does enjoy it too). As hard as Miss wishes.

23. Do you enjoy choking or being choked? How hard? Choked and enough to release the endorphins.

24. Do you like to bite or be bit? Both

25. Do you like to slap or be slapped? Something I’ve not experienced but would be interested in trying.

26. Do you like pulling or having your hair pulled? Pulling sometimes, I have a very sensitive scalp so don’t enjoy having it pulled.

27. What is your safe-word? Lights system is something Miss would understand. (Red, Orange, Green)

28. Have you ever done a cum-walk? (Walking in public with cum on your face/clothes/etc) I have not.

29. Would you do a cum-walk? Yes

30. Are you an exhibitionist? A little

31. What was your best exhibitionism experience? I’ve not done anything much beyond posting online, although I have previously been made to walk down a street with my trousers around my ankles.

32. Are you a cuckold? No

33. Are you a cuckqueen? No

34. Are you a bull? No

35. Would you like to watch your partner have sex with another person? No its a hard limit for me, not saying its not a fantasy but I know its not something I’d ever want to take out of the fantasy.

36. Would you like to have your partner watch you with another person? See above

37. Have you ever been cuckolded? Been cheated on plenty of times by previous partners, but doesn’t really count.

38. What is it about cuckolding that you like? Again the fantasy of it

39. Do you like to be humiliated? Yes!

40. Do you like to humiliate your partner? Only so far as dirty talk, although would do more if it were something Miss wanted to try.

41. Do you like to be humiliated while cuckolding or do you prefer a friendly environment. N/A

42. Do you like to be forced into crossdressing? Yes!

43. Have you ever fisted? No, although it is something I would try with training.

44. Are you a swinger? No

45. Have you ever been to a swingers club (with a partner)? No.

46. Would you ever go to a swingers club (with a partner)? No.

47. Would you ever participate in an orgy? (4 or more people) No.

48. Would you ever participate in a gang bang? (4 or more people) No.

49. Have you ever pegged/been pegged? Been and given, and LOVE IT!

50. Do you enjoy large strap on dildos or smaller? Working up to larger

51. Do you enjoy sucking or having your strap on sucked? Yes! Sucking on it for Miss is hot, and her sucking it whilst talking dirty (“Don’t you wish it was your cock I was sucking”)

52. Do you like incest? No

53. Have you ever experienced incest? No

54. Do you like face-sitting/smothering? Love it, when Miss is on my face I’m in such a happy place I can’t even put it into words.

55.Do you like weapon play? Never tried but again would

56. Do you like rape play? Yes

57. Have you experienced rape play? Only giving previously but am curious about recieving.

58. Do you like to be dominated? Like nothing else, every other kinky thing I enjoy stems from this one thing.

59. Have you ever been dominated online? No

60. Do you enjoy pet-play? Never really tried or shown much interest in it.

61. Do you like daddy dom/little play?  Age play isn’t something I’ve had any interest in.

62. Do you like to be worshiped? Sometimes?

63. Do you like to worship? YES ALWAYS!

64. Do you like to be spit on or spit on your partner? Not something I’ve tried but would really like too, I think the humiliation of it would be hot.

65. Do you like to keep the slave play in the bedroom or carry it over to real life? I like to carry it over.

66. Have you ever been suspended while having sex? I have not but would like to try it. The sense of not being able to control my position and have it in Miss hands does turn me on.

67. Do you like to be told what to do? Yes, I love it when Miss tells me to do something. Its not the same as asking at all, but when she says “Do X now” it immediately gets my blood pumping to all the right places.

68. Do you enjoy giving/receiving JOIs? (Jerk Off Instructions) Not something we’ve practiced but I imagine I would.

68. Have you ever given or received a foot job? I have fucked feet before which was humiliating (NEVER going to happen again though Miss’ feet are far too ticklish *GRIN*)

69. Would you participate in a bukkake? We don’t play with others.

70. Do you enjoy brat play? Sometimes being a bit of a brat can be fun *giggle*

71. What is the strangest way anyone has made you cum? Until recently I’d have said the feet fucking, however last week Miss made me cum from anal (double dildo was fun!)

72. What is the strangest way you’ve made anyone cum? Sucking Miss’ nipples *CHESIRE CAT GRIN*


If theres anything you’d like me to answer in more depth or any questions that come to your mind don’t hesitate to comment or message me 🙂



So yesterday I had a rather dull morning, but I had woken up with an idea in my head that wouldn’t shift. I practically begged Miss to spank my ass till it was red. All this whilst she was at work for the day, I was working from home and had to go to a dental appointment and then a rather boring meeting. Miss made a stipulation that I could have 5 spanks for every task I completed on OurHome, now I hadn’t slept the evening before so I had already completed a good few tasks so was already in for a session of spanking.

But I went to work tidying and doing little bits, after a few I was more doing them because they needed doing than the spanking I would recieve so I had actually done over 20 by the time that Miss got home. Miss had asked me to put on something skimpy and pink, also to have the paddle prepared on the bed for when she got home. All done with gusto and excitement, I really was looking forward to my bottom being red. I put on some stockings, a gstring with a lacey front and pink fabric as well as the high heels I purchased months ago.

When Miss got back she was surprised by the shoes (she thought it was weird how tall I was), although later she said “She didn’t hate the shoes” (Open to a comment Miss on whether you don’t hate or do like?). I’d got out 2 paddles, a cane & an over the door restraint Miss had purchased a little while ago. She decided on the paddle she wanted to use, the restraint to hold me still and also a blindfold.

The Results you might say was definitely to my liking

Today I’ve been able to feel the slight bruises (a rather pleasant reminder).



Its long been something I’ve been extremely interested in, something you’d almost say I’ve long desired. See I have a little issue, I tend to spurt a little too quickly from penetration. Its a problem that seems to come and go but it is a problem and something I rather dislike about myself. With being into femdom and wishing to hand over control to my Miss, it is something I’ve brought up and we’ve talked about. She is curious and has offered to measure me for a device.

Hoping to try this soon and will update this post over time with a bit more but wanted to get a few words down about the subject and my interest in it.


Possible Femdom Rules

  1. sub will always dress to please Miss, wether naked or in clothes that sub believes would please Miss. If Miss wishes for sub to change sub will do so without complaint.
  2. When undressing, sub is to fold the clothes and place them out of the way.
  3. sub will wear and gratefully accept any toys Miss chooses to insert or adorn him with while serving or in any other circumstance.
  4. sub may request an opportunity to serve Miss in the following way: “Would it please you to have your sub serve you?”
  5. sub will always thank Miss for an opportunity to serve whether it was doing chores or being flogged.
  6. sub will serve Miss with food and drinks as requested, kneeling as the food or drinks are presented. In the presence of others, sub will still serve Miss, but does not have to do so on his knees unless expressly commanded by Miss.
  7. sub will remain attentive to make sure that Miss never has to ask for additional food or drink, whether in private or in the presence of others. A good sub is always ready before the command is issued.
  8. sub must use high protocol when playing the sub role. This means that sub will not use first person language when referring to him or herself, but shall always refer to the sub with the following references:sub must use high protocol when playing the sub role. This means that sub will not use first person language when referring to him or herself, but shall always refer to the sub with the following references:
    • sub
    • Miss’s pet
    • cum slut
    • dirty little whore
    • naughty girl
    • the unworthy one
    • bad/good dog
  9. sub will tend to Miss’s bath needs further by shaving her legs and pussy when needed. sub will be very careful in this and go slowly as to avoid injury to Miss. sub will lick and kiss every part of Miss that he has shaven after he is done as a sign of gratitude for Misss bestowing the honor on sub. Once sub has completed Misss bathing, sub will dry Miss fully, then apply lotion to Misss entire body. sub will then ask Miss for permission to assist Miss in getting dressed/ready, and respond appropriately.
  10. Punishment and or discipline take precedence over any other command.
  11. sub must show gratitude for punishment and or discipline.
  12. sub must take correction gracefully and maintain a grateful presence around the house after the fact.
  13. sub must ALWAYS confess to disobedience and take responsibility even when Miss is not present and beg for punishment and or discipline. If Miss is unavailable for immediate punishment, sub must come up with a suitable mini-punishment for himself, carry it out, report it to Miss and await Misss final judgment and punishment.
  14. sub must be available for sexual service whenever Miss requires.
  15. sub must always be ready for any form of sexual service, which would mean that his body must be prepared in order to make it easy for Miss to use him.
  16. sub will be clean and pleasant to all the senses at all times.
  17. sub will not be allowed to have an orgasm without permission.
  18. sub is not allowed to touch his owner’s property without permission in any sexual way.
  19. sub should never question Miss’s commands, and simply must immediately upon receiving them proceed to carry out his task gratefully.
  20. sub surrenders control to his Miss. He surrenders control of his body, how he spends his time, how he dresses, what he eats, where he sleeps. In all aspects, the Miss controls the sub.
  21. sub’s purpose is to please his Miss, more than anything else She owns, he must learn to control his response to sexual stimulation for the greater enjoyment of his Miss. his orgasm is the only that the sub has left to control for himself. Failure to control his orgasm is disobedience. Disobedience requires punishment.
  22. If Miss prefers simply to torment the sub and deny him release, then the sub must control himself to provide Her this pleasure. sub must dedicate himself to abstinence and thank his Miss humbly for removing the pleasure of ejaculation, thus allowing him to dedicate his lost pleasure to Her.
  23. If Miss demands satisfaction through sexual intercourse, sub must be able to control effectively his own orgasm so that it is timed to the pleasure of his Miss. His purpose is not to please himself but to please Her.
  24. sub should be as clean-shaven as the Miss requires: from the top of his head to his toes, body hair should be present only if the Miss allows it.
  25. sub will allow himself to be pierced or tattooed as required by his Miss, if safely and professionally done.
  26. sub will submit to enemas, or self-administer enemas, on demand by the Miss.
  27. When urinating, sub will always sit on the toilet; no exceptions.
  28. When a meal is over sub must be quick to clear the table and wash the dishes.
  29. sub will perform all household chores for the Miss, to include:
    • sweep and vacuum all floors and carpets
    • mop and was all floors
    • dust and polish all furniture
    • make the beds every day
    • wash and fold all clothing and linens
    • iron
    • scrub bathrooms
    • clean kitchen
    • cook simple meals; assist in all cooking
    • wash dishes and put them away
    • shop for groceries and put them away
    • take out trash and sort recycled items
    • run all errands as directed
  30. sub worships my Miss’s body and Her whole
  31. sub trust his Miss: Her responsibilities, Her skills, Her hunger and needs, and Her concern for my safety, my emotional, psychological, social, sexual, and physical health.
  32. When the pussy of Miss’ is put onto my mouth and sub is directed to suck it – sub will do so vigorously as long as sub is required to do so.
  33. sub will worship Miss’ ass and lick it clean whenever She wants me to. sub shall do so hungrily, being sure to lick between the cheeks for as long as Miss requires. sub may use my hands to spread my Miss’s cheeks apart.
  34. sub must remove all of my clothing in the way sub have been taught when Miss commands me to do so – regardless of who may be present and despite where it is sub am.
  35. my greatest felt satisfaction is realized when sub know sub have pleased my Miss
  36. The opportunity to please my Miss is very important to me and sub will take every chance to seek out such opportunities to do so to the best of my abilities and in accordance to how sub has been taught or allowed to do so.
  37. my Miss is my greatest treasure.
  38. The safeword given to me by my Miss can be spoken at any time-even when sub have been told to be silent. If sub is not able to verbalize it – sub trusts my Miss will show me how sub can express it. Safewords are for my protection as well as Hers. sub must be careful not to take more than sub can handle, as She will need to know when to stop from getting carried away with Her own passions – so that sub may be prepared over time to endure more for Her.
  39. sub shall never think of himself as a weak person for it takes a strong slave to commit to the drive inside me, to serve, to obey and to please Miss. sub too has responsibilities and as natural as they may seem to me it is important that sub use all of my faculties including my creative spirit to submit to my Miss in a unique fashion personal to my relationship with Her. By doing so sub hopes to provide a good example to those males around me who may still be learning so they too are not led astray from their primary focus, that they are as true to their nature as sub strives to continue to be to mine. sub must remember that how well sub behave enlightens and empowers me to become even closer to who sub is – a devoted slave, of good rapport to a Miss who truly understands my needs in relationship to Her own.
  40. sub may, at times, offer various parts of my body to my Miss in hopes She will take pleasure in using them in whatever ways She wishes. my only hope will be that my offering will please Her. If not, sub wants Her to punish me.
  41. Miss’ cock must be available for Her to use at all times.
  42. If required: a plug of Miss’ choice  must be inserted deeply into my ass before arriving at my Miss’s house. Failure to do so and sub shall feel the punishment She will give upon my ass as sub keep the cheeks of it pulled apart – for the plug was not intended to provide me pleasure.
  43. sub hope Miss will choose to use my tongue as Her towel after Her shower so sub may be able to worship Her body.
  44. Until Miss has chosen it is time for me to wear a more permanent mark of ownership upon my flesh, sub shall proudly wear Her temporary mark of ownership upon me wherever She chooses to place it.
  45. sub shall gladly make my body available to my Miss to be used as furniture: my body positioned to decorate a room or a garden, a footstool to rest Her weary feet and legs upon, my backside as Her table to eat off of, my palms to be used to hold a plate of Her food, or my hands to hold a book open for Her to read or a lamp for Her to see.
  46. When sub have been given permission to play with myself sub shall do so in the following manner: working my cock almost to an orgasm and then stopping for a few minutes, then working it again to almost at orgasm and then stopping for a few minutes, and then finally working it again to a full orgasm. Then and only then shall sub enjoy an orgasm on my own. Should sub cum before the third tier – sub will tell my Miss so sub may be punished. sub will play with myself in that manner even in Her presence.



Play Ideas

Last but not least, if you want any other lists adding or have any suggestions for the existing lists please drop me a message.

  • Make him strip naked while You keep Your clothes on.
  • You will perform oral sex upon demand.
  • You may not orgasm without permission.
  • You will do what you are told in the bedroom.
  • Go to nude beach
  • Put a butt plug in his ass. Or get out the strap-on.
  • Have him kneel before You and kiss Your feet.
  • Have him address You as a name of your choosing.
  • Have him kiss Your ass…make him beg to kiss Your ass.
  • You will strip naked whenever told to do so.
  • Tie his hands and have him undress You with his mouth/teeth.
  • Don’t let him masturbate or touch his cock without Your permission at any time.
  • Tie his hands behind his back. Have him kneel with knees spread naked in front of You while You read or watch TV, occasionally nudging his balls or penis with Your shoes.
  • She conducts frequent, frustrating tease and denial sessions that are agony for him and fun for Her. An ice-pack is then applied to his dick so She can immediately get him back in his male chastity device.
  • Either order him to stay erect, or don’t give him permission to have a hard on… either way, punish him if he fails!
  • Use some strong string (kite string), tie a slip noose in the end and tighten it around the head of the penis, tug on it, pull it shake it, lead him with it, whatever You please.
  • Making me do things and monitoring while I do them, and applying punishment for her amusement or to correct me
  • Me being in chastity at work and you sending me sexy messages/pictures
  • Having you play with my ass while in chastity
  • Tied down and being left/teased/used as she wishes
  • Told to do housework naked/with plug/chaste
  • Licking her and being spanked for doing it incorrectly
  • Making me fuck her with a strapon or with a cock gag
  • You decide on the length of the lock up.
  • You get to decide how he cums and how you have sex.
  • Your owner is entitled to tease you about your lack of ability to attain an erection or gain any satisfaction. She has taken it away from you and wants to enjoy it. She can get satisfaction whenever she wants: you can’t. Tough. She probably finds that amusing.
  • Show Your slave Your panty crotch, make him smell it, but no touching without permission.
  • Tie Your slave spread eagle to the bed and tease him for hours. Make sure he has a big hard on, but once he does only touch it when he needs just a little more encouragement, don’t let him cum.
  • Put on his favourite lingerie and tease him with Your beauty.
  • Make him wear a chastity belt or cock cage.
  • Make him screw himself with a dildo.
  • Scratch him with Your finger nails.Tickle him. Pinch his nipples.
  • Sit on his chest and find out what he would do to be allowed to kiss Your nipple. Let him almost kiss it but pull away, make him beg.
  • Take a break, put some worn panties over his face and leave the room for a while and let him think about what else You might do.
  • Squat above his face, make him reach with his tongue to taste the crotch of Your panties…get more promises
  • Blindfold him and make him lick You to several orgasms. Take a break, cum back and do it all again.
  • Rub his face against Your pussy or sit on his face but gag him with Your panties or a gag so that he can’t lick You.
  • Tie his balls off to something behind him so he has to tug on them to smell Your panties or kiss Your ass…stay just out of reach.
  • Masturbate in front of him. Use a dildo or a vibrator.
  • Put the base of the dildo in his mouth and make him satisfy You with it. Do it so his nose presses between Your ass cheeks. He’ll be Your little brown noser and love it.
  • Make him lick the dildo clean.
  • Tie him down to the bed and tie his hands to his penis but do not give him permission to cum with harsh punishments for disobedience.
  • Put Your worn panties over his head so he can smell your odor.
  • Make him wear a cock ring (a watch strap or cat collar works well)
  • Have him pamper You, have him:give You a foot/back/full body massage




    give You a pedicure/manicure,

    paint Your finger/toe nails.

    bathe You/shave your legs.

    cook and serve You a nice dinner.


So little old me had a plan

Whilst pondering & browsing the usual fetlife, Tumblr etc. etc. I had a thought. I’ve not posted to my blog in a very long time, infact I’ve actually removed and moved it since I last updated it. So to motivate myself to blog more, get my thoughts out more and generally be open with the world of the anonymous I figured I’d start paying for my blog.

Now the thing with this plan is it doesn’t give me any bonus thoughts or ideas to put on here, so anyone who wants to ask anything about things we’ve done etc. I’m happy to answer, any subject you’d like me to write about just give me a shout and I’ll give it a try if I think its within my sphere.

I’ve left my “About” section intentionally brief, hoping it gets people interested enough to read through my other posts. So for more information about me then I suppose. I’m a fairly young guy, with a mild addiction to nice food, a heavy addiction to coffee who happens to play a lot of video games. Kink me is a guy who loves to wear pretty things (panties, stockings and other womens underwear), yet  to explore wearing other bits but do have a curiosity to try. I’ve long wanted to be kept in chastity but due to anatomical issues its very difficult to find a cage suitable at a reasonable price for a try before investing a lot of money. I love anything playing with my ass (tongues, fingers, toys). I have more toys than we’ve actually been able to use to date (we’ve been together a while too!) theres a lot I’m curious about but not had the chance to try.

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