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January 28, 2019

I’ve been struggling for content

by Sub

Miss and I have been going through a quiet patch as I hinted to in my previous post, so I’ve not had much news to post about but I’m trying to get better so we can get back onto track.

In an effort to have something to post about I did some googling and found the following:-

figuring I’d have a go doing another post with me answering the questions so here goes, I know its as a “Application to submit” but as its fairly detailed if anyone has anything else they’d like answered from my opinion or mind as always please feel free to ask.

Part One of slave training questionnaire: General overview and Information

A. How may years of experience do you have? 14 years or so

B. How long have you known of your interest in bdsm? 16 years

C. What is your sexual orientation? Bisexual

D. What kind of relationship are you presently able to provide to a Miss? Live in with Miss

E. Main interest? Both psychosexual & mental as well as sensual and physical

F. Are you… (rate each from 1=lowest to 10=highest) if explanation is necessary do so.

Sadistic             4

Masochistic       7

Dominant           3

Submissive        10

Switch                3

G. Your level of interest in bondage:

1. Total helplessness – Yes

2. Light bondage – Yes

H. Pain (what you are, or what you’re looking for)

1. Pain slut – At times

2. Whipping, caning, paddling – Yes


Part two of slave training questionnaire: Detailed questions

All answers are expected to elaborate on the subject matter in question. No one (1) word answers are to be given. All answers shall be a minimum of one full sentence.

1. i seek and require the guidance of a Miss to….?

(What  being a slave is going to do for you?)

Being a slave to Miss will allow me to grow in a way I’ve always desired, being able to provide service to her in any way she wishes is my ultimate goal and being able to eventually move to being able to predict her wishes. Sexually I believe I already have a handle on this but its in other areas of our life I aspire to reach this goal.

2. i seek and require the guidance of a Miss because….?

(Why do you have the need for a Miss?)

Outside of my social and work lives in which I’m a fairly dominant character I need the release of being submissive, I’m a fairly socially anxious person despite appearances and tend to overthink things in these areas of my life. When outside of that the submissive nature I have allows me to escape the pressures I feel in other areas.

3. How important is the fulfillment of these needs to you?

The fulfillment of these actually allows me to not turn in on myself so they can be quite critical to me.

4. i seek to provide my Miss with….?

(psychologically, emotionally, and sexually.)

The emotional and psychological support she needs to succeed in whatever she wants, as well as sexually satisfy her in any way she needs.

5. my concept/definition of ‘submission’ is….?

To be there for the dominant in any way they need, seeking to satisfy them in any way

6. my concept/definition of ‘servitude’ is….?

To be available for the dominant whenever they require

7. my concept/definition of “commitment’ is….?

To be fully focused on the health (physical & emotional) of myself and of Miss so that I’m available as much as is possible

8. my favorite sexual fantasy is….?

To have Miss fully satisfied, physically exhausted and with me having either been left ruined or to have not cum at all. I do have a sissy side and also love humiliation so Miss verbally abusing me during this and me being dressed as a sissy would add to this but the base of her being completely satisfied is my primary fantasy..

9. Describe the following areas that you have endured and how you would like your limits expanded within each situation.

a. Nipple torture – Only really experienced nipple clamps although I did enjoy them

b. Ass play – I love my ass being teased and played with, I do want to explore using bigger toys though with training.

c. Bondage scenes – I have been tied by Miss a number of times and love the power it gives her over me.

d. Whipping scenes – I love to be spanked, I’ve not experienced a whip to date but wouldn’t be against the use of one if it was something Miss wanted.

10. Describe one area not mentioned you have endured and how you would like your limits of such expanded.

Sissy play and dress up is something I’d like to explore more, I don’t currently know how exactly I would react to being fully dressed as a sissy but am curious to try.

11. In what area(s) do you require concentrated training? Wherever Miss feels I need.

12. Are you willing to accept the idea of being trained as the property of your Miss? Yes

13. Describe how you will serve your Miss in her absence. –

Domestic servitude is something I am able to offer, as well as being able to assist in other ways (finding art assignments for her to complete as she is attempting to draw more for instance)

14. The following two questions deal with your current and initial preferences. These two questions may be answered with either a “Yes, Sir!” or a “No, Sir!” as long as you elaborate upon them with a minimum of one full sentence:

Do you prefer your Miss to be:

Rough, tough, and stubborn? Yes, Miss!

Firm, stern, yet considerate? Yes, Miss!

Something else? What? No, Miss!

Do you prefer to:

· be commanded and ordered about? Yes, Miss!

· be given a set rules to obey? No, Miss

· know the reason for some commands/orders? No, Miss!

· have no say in your training and use? No, Miss!

· have input in your training and use? Yes, Miss!

15) Tell me of your sexual energy ?

f) I like sex, however I like it in my relationship, outside of a relationship I can live without it.

16. Comments. (on any area(s) not covered by the questionnaire that you feel are relevant in your case that have not been addressed.)

17. What are your known Hardlimits that you would like to maintain? Scat, animals and illegal activities


This is a detailed part of the slave training questionnaire:  

Prepare a detailed description of your former training.  Start at the beginning and take it Miss by Miss.

In terms of previous training its always been a lot more “sporadic play” than training. 

Describe the type of training you received and types of scenes you had.

In terms of scenes, I’ve experienced some chastity, spanking, bondage and being used as furniture

Explain any problems with the relationships.

All previous relationships as I say the play was sporadic at best (this is an understatement with relationships lasting years and having a hand full of play sessions)

How long you were trained and what the major thing you learned from each.


What you liked and did not like about previous training experiences.

No training as such

Describe how your were rewarded and punished.


In addition describe any experience you have had as a switch.

In relationships early on I was more of a switch being able to easily switch between being submissive and dominant, controlling the partner at the time fully sexually.


Part Three of slave training questionnaire:  Experience Level and Interests

your potential Miss does not necessarily engage in any of the following-described conduct. However, it is essential that you provide scrupulously accurate answers so I can realistically assess your qualifications as well as whether I need to address other issues in your personality besides your desire to serve.

For each item, you need to provide two answers:

For experience, write YES or NO next to each item to indicate if you have ever DONE that activity. For willingness, indicate for each item how you feel about DOING that activity by rating it on a scale of NO or 0 to 5 (“?” means you don’t understand what the item is attempting to describe. NO means you will NOT do that item under any circumstances (a hard limit).

NO means basically a hard limit and that you have absolutely no desire to do this.

0 (zero) indicates you have utterly no desire to do that activity and don’t like doing it (in fact, may loath it) and would ordinarily object to doing it, but you would permit the Miss to do it if it they really wanted it. (sometimes called a “soft limit”).

1 means you don’t want to do or like to do this activity, but wouldn’t object if it was asked of you.

2 means you are willing to do this activity, but it has no special appeal for you.

3 means you usually like doing this activity, at least on an irregular/occasional basis.

4 means you like doing this activity, and would like to experience it on a regular basis.

5 means the activity is a wild turn-on for you and you would like it as often as possible.

Note any additional information or nuances which might be important for your Miss to know in the margin to the right.

BDSM check LIST 

Abrasion : NO 3

Anal sex (top) : YES 3

Anal sex (bottom) : YES 5

If so, ever without condoms?: Yes

Anal plugs (small) : YES4

Anal plugs (large) : YES 4

Anal plug (public, under clothes): YES 4

Animal roles : NO 2

Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders) : NO 2

Asphyxiation : YES 3

Ass licking (giving): YES 5

Ass licking (receiving): YES 5

Bathroom use control : NO

Beating (soft) : YES 3

Beating (hard) : YES 3

Bestiality (k9): NO NO

Bestiality -other: NO NO

Blindfolds : YES 4

Being bitten : YES 4

Ben wa balls or kegel balls: NO 2

if yes how long did you wear?

Breath control : YES 3

Branding : NO 2

Boot worship : NO 3

Bondage (light) : YES 4

Bondage (heavy) : YES 4

Bondage (multi-day) : NO 2

Bondage (public, under clothing) : NO 4

Brown showers (scat) : NO NO

Cages (locked inside of) : NO 4

Caning : NO 3

Catheterization : NO 2

Cattle prod or stun gun (electrical toy) : NO 2

Cells/Closets (locked inside of) : NO 3

Chains : NO NO

Chastity belts : YES 5

Clothespins : YES 4

if you have had them used where?: BALLS, COCK, NIPPLES, LIPS

Cock sucking: YES 3

Do you swallow?: N/A

Collars (worn in private) :NO 4

Collars (worn in public) : NO 3

Cuffs (leather) : NO 3

Cuffs (metal) : NO 2

Diapers (wearing) : NO NO

Denied privacy: NO 4

describe the denial:

Douches as part of play: NO 3

Double Penetration (anal and cunt): N/A

Dildos : YES 5

Eating Cunt: YES 5

Electricity : NO 3

Enemas (for cleansing) : YES 4

Enemas (retention/punishment) : NO 2

Enforced chastity : YES 5

Erotic dance (for audience): NO 2

Erotic dance (private) : NO 3

Examinations (physical) : NO 5

Exercise (forced/required) : NO 2

Exhibitionism : NO 5

Eye contact restrictions : NO NO

Face slapping :NO 5

Fantasy rape : NO 5

Fear (being scared) : NO NO

Fisting (anal) : NO 3

Flame (fire play) play : NO 2

Foot worship : NO 3

Forced masturbation : NO 4

Forced nudity (private) : YES 4

Forced nudity (around others) : NO 3

Forced servitude : NO 5

Full head hoods : NO 2

Gags (cloth) : NO 2

Gags (inflatable) : NO NO

Gags (phallic) : YES 5

Gags (rubber) : NO 2

Gags (tape) : NO 3

Gas masks : NO NO

Given away to another Miss (temp) : NO NO

Servicing another Miss upon command: NO 2

Golden showers : YES 2

Hairbrush spankings : NO 3

Hair pulling : NO NO

Hand jobs (giving) : YES 5

Harnessing (leather and or rope) : YES 3

Homage with tongue (non-sexual) : NO 4

Hoods : NO 2

Hot Creams (Ben-Gay) on genitals: NO 3

Hot oils (on genitals) : NO 3

Hot waxing : NO 4

Housework (doing) : YES 4

Human puppy dog : NO 2

Humiliation : YES 5

Ice cubes : YES 3

If you have experienced, where?: (nips, ass) Nipples, cock

Immobilization : YES 3

If so, how? Tied with rope

Interrogations : NO 2

Lactation training: N/A

Lactation (miking tits): N/A

if you have explain procedure:

Leather clothing : NO 2

Leather restraints : NO 2

Licking (non-sexual) : NO 3

Lingerie (wearing) : YES 5

Manacles & Irons : NO 2

Massage (giving) : YES 5

Massage (receiving) : YES 5

Medical scenes : NO 2

Modeling for erotic photos : YES 5

Photographing  training sessions with your Miss: NO 5

Mouth bits : NO 2

Multi-partners: NO 1

Mummification : NO 2

Needle Play: NO 2

Nipple clamps : YES 5

Nipple rings (piercing): NO 4

Nipple play/”torture” : NO 4

if a type not listed then explain:

Nipple weights : NO 4

Obeying verbal commands such as “kneel”,  “stand”  or “Present.” YES 5

Oral/anal play (rimming): YES 5

Over-the-knee spanking : NO 4

Orgasm denial : YES 5

Orgasm control : YES 5

Outdoor scenes : NO 4

Outdoor sex : YES 4

Pain (severe) : NO 4

Pain (mild) : NO 4

Piercing (temporary, play-pierce): NO 2

Piercing (permanent) : YES 3

Prison scenes : NO 2

Punching: NO 2

if yes to punching, explain

Punishment Scene : YES 5

if yes, describe the scene play – Spanked by Miss

Pussy torture: N/A

describe torture:

Restrictive rules on behavior : NO 2

Rubber/latex clothing : NO 2

Rope body harness : YES 4

Role playing: NO 4

Saran wrapping : NO 2

Sensory deprivation : NO 2

Serving as ashtray : NO 1

Serving as furniture : NO 4

Serving as a maid : NO 4

Serving as toilet (urine) : NO 2

Serving orally (sexual) : YES 5

Serving other Miss’ (supervised) : NO 2

Serving other Miss’ (unsupervised): NO NO

Serving others as sex slave: NO NO

Shaving (body hair) : YES 5

Shaving (head hair) : NO NO

Slave positions training: NO 2

Sleep deprivation : NO NO

Spandex clothing : NO 2

Spanking : YES 5

Speech restrictions (when, what) : NO 1

Spitting : NO 3

Spreader bars : YES 5

Stocks : NO 3

Straight jackets : NO 2

Strapping (full body beating) : NO 3

Strap-on dildo receiving: YES 5

Strap-on dildo giving: YES 5

Suspension (upright) : NO 3

Suspension (inverted) : NO 3

Suspension (horizontal) : NO 3

Supplying new partners for Miss: NO NO

Swallowing semen : YES 4

Swallowing urine: yours?; others? NO 2

Swapping (with one other couple) : NO NO

Tattoos: YES 4

TENS Unit (electrical toy) : NO 3

Tickling : NO 2

Uniforms : NO 2

Verbal humiliation : YES 5

Vibrator on genitals : YES 5

Violet Wand (electrical toy) : NO 4

Voyeurism (watching others) : NO NO

Video (watching others) : YES 4

Video (recordings of you) : YES 5

Waxing (hair removal) : YES 5

Whipping : NO 3

Wooden paddles : YES 5

Wrestling : NO 3


What you think is your best physical feature: My eyes

What you think is your worst physical feature: My tummy

Do you have problems controlling your temper: Occasionally

Do you have any tattoos or piercing? Tattoo on my arm

What has been your most intense scene involving SM/BD? Probably when Miss dressed me up and took pictures, then tied me up and used me.


Part Four of slave training questionnaire:  The slave’s Background


Do you smoke? Yes

Do you drink? Practically never

Do you use drugs? No

Have you been diagnosed with mental problems? No

Do you have any disabilities (visible or invisible)? No

Do you wear contact lenses? No

Do you have any special dietary needs or restrictions? No

Are you allergic to dogs, cats, or other? No

Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases? No

Are you subject to any form of loss of consciences or seizures? No

Do you have panic attacks or phobias? No

Do you now or have you suffered from depression? Occasionally

What was your last illness that resulted in hopistalization and when? Testicular torsion

List you sex toys below and tell me the ones used most often. Dildos (many), anal plugs (many), wand vibrators, strapons, panties, ropes, restraints, dildo gag, gags and spreader bars.


Describe your abilities in domestic service such as cooking, cleaning, General House work.

Cooking savoury and deserts, cleaning, handy work (DIY etc.)


Describe your abilities at

Massage – Reasonable

Dancing – Not great

Computer skills – Expert (its my job)

Bookkeeping – Not great

Financial record keeping – Not great

Other skills:


Current martial status: Soon to be married to Miss

Have you been married before: if yes, very short summary of details: Yes, divorced 2018.

Have you ever been unfaithful to your lover or Miss? No

Is there any reason why you would not be able to commit 100%? None what so ever, Miss is my life

Have you ever intentionally made your sex partner or Miss mad? Never intentionally


Circumstances, frequency and preference:

What is the most you have ever cum in a 24 hour time period? Describe circumstances. 16 times in one day, with Miss

How often do you masturbate and what methods do you use?

Infrequently, if we’re not actively taking part in the BDSM aspect of our relationship and only as Miss wants when active

Do you freely admit when you have done something wrong and are you prepared

for the punishment? Yes

Describe: If I have done something wrong I will openly admit it and accept the punishment Miss wishes.



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