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Extended break

With everything that’s been going on with the world, Miss decided we would take a break from all things kinky a few months back. So besides daily panties we’ve done no kinky activities. This also coincided with both of us (at separate points) leaving a discord community we’d been members / admins of for a long while.

The community had become something different from when we joined, and both of us felt whilst it had become much more active it also became a bit more unwelcoming. For me especially it was a tough decision to leave and it took a lot of thinking about before I did. Honestly though I think it’ll be very difficult to find somewhere like it used to be, and the biggest thing honestly is how unwelcoming it had got for femdoms due to a change in the verification process they implemented.

Anyways outside of that we’ve managed to beat the Rona blues by welcoming a new member to our household (our own little fur baby, who we rescued and she’s been amazing!). Anyway hopefully be posting a bit more in time to come but thought I’d give a brief update in the mean time.


An exciting dream

Last night seems my mind couldn’t get a break from its horniness, when I woke up this morning found myself struggling against the cage even more than normal after my little nocturnal movie.

Slept through the night but woke with a memory of dreaming the following…

Miss had me fully dressed and plugged late at night, took me to the car heels and all then had me drive out to the countryside. It was when we got there she had me get out of the car and bend myself over the bonnet of our car, arms outstretched. She then tied one of my wrists, ran the rope around the car and then tied my other wrist. She did the same with my legs, so I was there fully dressed up all slutty and spread eagle bent over the car.

Once she had me right where she wanted me she proceeded to pull down my g-string, took out my plug and started licking my hole like it was her first meal on months. After she’d had enough of eating it she spanked my ass raw, with some balls slapping for good measure. Then she got some toys out of the back of the car and fucked me senseless until I lost track of time. Then she untied me had me lay on my back and face fucked me till she’d cum so much my face was covered with her delicious juices. Then without letting me clean up had me drive us home for some after play cuddling on our couch.


A good day

Miss decided it’d been too long since our flat had a good clean so today I’ve been dressed in a too short summer skirt (bum exposed), white blouse, pinky bralette, pink g-string and plugged. Started with the kitchen which is nearly spotless, having a short break for a smoke and sit before moving to do the kitchen floor.

Miss gave me a nice little spanking whilst popping the plug in and today more than most she could have me do anything she wanted. I’m in such a nice little sub bubble that she could use me in any way she wanted.

As I know you’ll read this, love you Miss. X


On goes quarentine

So with our wedding anniversary coming up and all of Miss gifts having arrived (woop!). I’ve been doing my best to stay in a state that Miss could at any time use me in any way, dress me up, use me etc. so my insides are sparkling and I’m smooth. Unless I’m having to go out I’m basically at most in panties but always ready for if Miss wanted to dress me up.

We’ve not been up to much lately because the quarantine is getting to us both at various points, but I’m doing my best to stay up beat about everything. Realistically it’s more about trying to keep each other sane and not get at each other, we’ve been doing lots of dnd and also family bits once a week or so to catch up with them as we only really have my family as such that we keep in touch with, it’s my sis, dad and aunt who all seem to be doing OK thankfully.


A weekend of looking after

Miss came down in pain on Saturday morning (Friday night as she went to bed). So the weekend was spent looking after her mostly, making her call the non emergency NHS number on Sunday night which resulted in a rather unexpected visit from a pair of lovely ambulance men, net result of which was “Call the GP in the morning”, although they did offer to take her into hospital.

Monday when we she got the call back resulted in a couple of prescriptions for a large amount of pain meds. Thankfully she’s starting to feel better and got a much better nights sleep last night (as did I, I’d previously had 2 sleep less nights with a few naps during the days to top up).

Hoping we can get some play in once she’s feeling better and definitely looking forward to restarting our daily walks. Neither of us has come down with CV19 as yet which is good news, and we’re still taking all the precautions advised. Can’t wait to get back to some normalcy.


Planning our 1 year anniversary gift.

With first year anniversary gifts being paper in format, Miss is planning to do an event (after this whole isolation thing is over). I’ve taken a different tact, and begun trying to write our own Contract, and Rules documents which I intend to print and have us sign if thats what she would like. At the moment I have a rough outline of the contract and some basic rules.

Its got the standard approach of the dominant (Miss) being able to modify, add or remove rules with notification and also an opening note with a few words (attempting to be vague about this as its still an anniversary “GIFT” so meant to at least be a bit of a surprise). Anyway with everything thats going on in the world, we’re both working from home and have been for a little over a week. Miss is running out of things to do (given her work is really not suited to working from home) whereas I’m actually finding my work pile growing as my entire job can technically be done from home.

We’re both doing quiet well overall, if a little cooped and stir crazy. We’ve been playing WoW to make use of the 100% XP bonus and have something to do together, we’ve struggled to get some of the things we normally would but are generally just making do with things.


A day of fun :)

Miss has had a cold recently but just got over it on Saturday thankfully. Yesterday after finding the charger for our wand and having it nice and fully charged, Miss demanded an orgasm which I duly provided starting with warming her up with my mouth and kissing and moving to her using the wand with me tightly locked away.

Later on she needed cock and had me unlock and allowed me to fuck her to completion. After that I was allowed to stay unlocked for a while, and I used the time to epilate from my chest down. I wanted to epilate as my chest is such a sod for coming back spiky in a day, I started with my legs and painted my toe nails a nice red and my fingers with clear polish. After doing my legs, bikini line and tum I very nearly forgot my chest (silly me!). I skipped my armpits because there’s only so much I could take.


Unlocked since Sunday

And it feels weird! I know I was only locked for 2 weeks but it feels like something’s missing… Miss had me unlocked so she could and I quote “sex me” but so far we’ve been too tired etc. she’s said we’re to have sex when we get home tonight so don’t know if she plans to cage me straight after or not.

Overall we’re in a really good place I think, I’m certainly feeling better and think she is too. The weekend away was really nice, on Saturday night I ended up making a mess while licking her after she moved me from her pussy to ass while she used the wand. And then unlocked in the car once we got to the comicon.


Planning for our break

Deep cleaning this evening whilst working, got work to do between 7-12 this evening but for the most part it’s checking it’s trundling along. So current plan is to clean some of Miss clothes and such, whilst doing a hygiene routine (shave, enema etc.)

Miss seems to be a little more back to herself which is great to see, she’s even planned in gaming time for herself. So it’s only a small update but might add some more later on.


Day 13 Locked

Today marks the 13th day caged. Only unlocked once to do a shave, after which it was locked back up and my insides cleaned out. Whilst performing my enema I did leak, since then I’ve had very slight pains which have come and gone over the time caged. Its never been enough to ask Miss to be unlocked though.

We’ve not had much playtime but we’ve got a weekend planned away which we’re both really looking forward to, and think Miss is hoping for some play. We’re both working to get back to ourselves, my click back to me has given Miss a bit of whiplash so it’s expected it’ll take a bit of time and hopefully this coming weekend will help.

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