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November 5, 2018

Finding out a bit about me

by Sub

I was struggling for a new blog post idea, we’re really happy atm and have been doing bits and pieces of kink but nothing really to report majorly. So rather than just go silent all over again I thought I’d find a “kinky questionnaire” kinda thing and let everyone find out a little more about me.

1. What fetishes do you have? In the strickest terms I wouldn’t say I have any “fetishes”, I can still get off in a vanilla sense. However I do love to be teased, denied, humiliated, dressed up and controlled, I’m basically 0 – 60 in a second flat if you get those things involved.

2. What is your favorite fetish?  I think I’d have to say my favourite of the above is being controlled easily, to be told what to do and punished for not complying or doing the job to Miss’ required level.

3. Have you indulged in all your fetishes? All those listed above yes to varying degrees.

4. What fetishes are you yet to experience?  I think theres a lot I’ve not that I’m definitely interested and others that I’m not necessarily however would oblige if Miss’ wanted. Of things I’m interested in I think I would like more punishment and humiliation. They’re both things that really do get me going and drop me into sub space in seconds.

5. Are there any fetishes you don’t have yet, but may be interested in? Cum play is something that does really interest me. Making me eat my own, having it on my face, making me fuck a dildo I’ve cum on, all intrigue me a lot.

6. Have you experienced BDSM? Do you practice it? Yes and yes

7. Are you a top/dominant a bottom/submissive or a switch? Definitely submissive 100%, I can in some instances have a dominant side but its not something that comes completely naturally.

8. What is it about BDSM that you like? I love the loss of control to my actions,  having someone have power over me to use me for their needs, amusement, wants or just generally because they want to use me.

9. Have you experienced being tied up or restrained?  Yes, and I adore it. Depending on the position it can be tricky to stay that way but constant communication is key.

10. Do you enjoy long, extended teasing/edging sessions? Yes we’ve recently been doing a lot more in terms of chastity (and expect pictures in a future post) and Miss definitely has a good handle on teasing *blush*

12. What is the longest you’ve been teased/edged? After a term in chastity Miss had me edge whilst she played with herself with the wand. After a lot of edges (think it was about 11), Miss allowed me to fuck her during which I believe she would have allowed me to cum had I been able (I wasn’t!).

13. Do you enjoy tease and denial? Very very much

14. Do you like to be denied? I love when Miss denies me, although at times it can be frustrating it keeps me in a state of wanting to please her in any way.

15. Do you have a panty fetish? Much much much so, I have been wearing panties 24/7 for some time now, and love thongs and gstrings most.

16. Have you ever purchased panties from a woman online? Never

17. Have you ever used panties to masturbate? (Stuffing/Wrapping/Etc.) No although I do sometimes wish Miss would gag me with her wet panties, or place them over my face.

18. Do you have a hosiery fetish? I do enjoy wearing stockings

19. Do you like pain? Wouldn’t say like, however when given punishment by Miss it does send me to sub space as the show of control is more than enough.

20. Do you like spanking/being spanked? Yes, I do sometimes request a spanking but it is something I wish Miss would administer more at her whim.

21. What do you prefer to use to spank? (Paddles/Hands/Whips/Etc) Paddles

22. Do you like to hit or be hit? How hard? To be hit, although I do also spank Miss sometimes (she does enjoy it too). As hard as Miss wishes.

23. Do you enjoy choking or being choked? How hard? Choked and enough to release the endorphins.

24. Do you like to bite or be bit? Both

25. Do you like to slap or be slapped? Something I’ve not experienced but would be interested in trying.

26. Do you like pulling or having your hair pulled? Pulling sometimes, I have a very sensitive scalp so don’t enjoy having it pulled.

27. What is your safe-word? Lights system is something Miss would understand. (Red, Orange, Green)

28. Have you ever done a cum-walk? (Walking in public with cum on your face/clothes/etc) I have not.

29. Would you do a cum-walk? Yes

30. Are you an exhibitionist? A little

31. What was your best exhibitionism experience? I’ve not done anything much beyond posting online, although I have previously been made to walk down a street with my trousers around my ankles.

32. Are you a cuckold? No

33. Are you a cuckqueen? No

34. Are you a bull? No

35. Would you like to watch your partner have sex with another person? No its a hard limit for me, not saying its not a fantasy but I know its not something I’d ever want to take out of the fantasy.

36. Would you like to have your partner watch you with another person? See above

37. Have you ever been cuckolded? Been cheated on plenty of times by previous partners, but doesn’t really count.

38. What is it about cuckolding that you like? Again the fantasy of it

39. Do you like to be humiliated? Yes!

40. Do you like to humiliate your partner? Only so far as dirty talk, although would do more if it were something Miss wanted to try.

41. Do you like to be humiliated while cuckolding or do you prefer a friendly environment. N/A

42. Do you like to be forced into crossdressing? Yes!

43. Have you ever fisted? No, although it is something I would try with training.

44. Are you a swinger? No

45. Have you ever been to a swingers club (with a partner)? No.

46. Would you ever go to a swingers club (with a partner)? No.

47. Would you ever participate in an orgy? (4 or more people) No.

48. Would you ever participate in a gang bang? (4 or more people) No.

49. Have you ever pegged/been pegged? Been and given, and LOVE IT!

50. Do you enjoy large strap on dildos or smaller? Working up to larger

51. Do you enjoy sucking or having your strap on sucked? Yes! Sucking on it for Miss is hot, and her sucking it whilst talking dirty (“Don’t you wish it was your cock I was sucking”)

52. Do you like incest? No

53. Have you ever experienced incest? No

54. Do you like face-sitting/smothering? Love it, when Miss is on my face I’m in such a happy place I can’t even put it into words.

55.Do you like weapon play? Never tried but again would

56. Do you like rape play? Yes

57. Have you experienced rape play? Only giving previously but am curious about recieving.

58. Do you like to be dominated? Like nothing else, every other kinky thing I enjoy stems from this one thing.

59. Have you ever been dominated online? No

60. Do you enjoy pet-play? Never really tried or shown much interest in it.

61. Do you like daddy dom/little play?  Age play isn’t something I’ve had any interest in.

62. Do you like to be worshiped? Sometimes?

63. Do you like to worship? YES ALWAYS!

64. Do you like to be spit on or spit on your partner? Not something I’ve tried but would really like too, I think the humiliation of it would be hot.

65. Do you like to keep the slave play in the bedroom or carry it over to real life? I like to carry it over.

66. Have you ever been suspended while having sex? I have not but would like to try it. The sense of not being able to control my position and have it in Miss hands does turn me on.

67. Do you like to be told what to do? Yes, I love it when Miss tells me to do something. Its not the same as asking at all, but when she says “Do X now” it immediately gets my blood pumping to all the right places.

68. Do you enjoy giving/receiving JOIs? (Jerk Off Instructions) Not something we’ve practiced but I imagine I would.

68. Have you ever given or received a foot job? I have fucked feet before which was humiliating (NEVER going to happen again though Miss’ feet are far too ticklish *GRIN*)

69. Would you participate in a bukkake? We don’t play with others.

70. Do you enjoy brat play? Sometimes being a bit of a brat can be fun *giggle*

71. What is the strangest way anyone has made you cum? Until recently I’d have said the feet fucking, however last week Miss made me cum from anal (double dildo was fun!)

72. What is the strangest way you’ve made anyone cum? Sucking Miss’ nipples *CHESIRE CAT GRIN*


If theres anything you’d like me to answer in more depth or any questions that come to your mind don’t hesitate to comment or message me 🙂

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